Sunday, December 25, 2005

Demo of quality vacuum

This handy-dandy vacuum can pick up all kinds of half-assed attempts at depicting debris; sawdust, mud, cat hair, marbles and grass.

Looking at this now, this vacuum looks like it's wearing a cowboy hat. A purple cowboy hat.

Product Placement

Various things can happen in a days time, things which the sketchbook picks up like a sponge.... Thoughts of long-passed grandma, the hyperbole of lemon squeezes in Red Lobster commercials, having a choice with the sameness of different products, and access to sparkle stickers while teaching English to Japanese kids.


Sunday, December 18, 2005

New Sketchbook Time

It's pretty exciting when I finish one sketchbook and start another. This is my Sixth sketchbook since I started using Strathmore Black bound pads. One sketchbook usually lasts me 7-10 months.

This is what I do; I cut some shape out of the cover, and then have it interact somehow with the first page. In this case, alphabet toast stickers from Japan.

Dan Rule is a Japanese toy made in China

Friday, December 09, 2005


So this design put me on the shortlist for a Japanese t-shirt (UNIQLO) competition. I'll know by Spring where I place. The store itself rocks, good price on comfortable, no logo clothes. Supposedly now there are a few in ....New Jersey?

The funny thing about Miracles.....


This character looks all tough on the outside, but inside is a shy introvert with a heart of gold. You expect one thing, but another thing actually is the case....are you getting all this down?

Let's listen to this guy,

He's wearing a bunch of shiny objects.

I wonder sometimes if people who stop by realize my last name, though arguably one of the coolest, is just my last name. I'm not being egotistical. I stopped using "any noun" rules! some time ago.

You can say my name in only two syllables. That rules.

Just add hair

And yer good to go. Snap! you can even see a 'layout' sketch of an upcoming blog entry. Lucky you.