Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Ah, fastfood stinkhand, you should have left the wrapper on that sandwich, and used a fork for those fries while you ate. Now all day you'll smell of vanquished livestock and potatoes.

Mikey Likes It!

But sometimes I'm quite tired of the common flavor...

Another f'n t-shirt design

My Submission
So yeah, this is what I do with my free time now...CLICK ON IMAGE NOW!

Friday, November 25, 2005


So, I was listening to some add n to x the other day when this image of a dancing fat head with boxing gloves appears outta the folds of the window drapes. I remembered the site Conan vs. Bear and how Conan used to always say he had a huge head, so I made it Conan, added a shooting-eye bear and sent it off to said website with some self-promotion to boot.

t-shirt design

That I submitted for a design comp, I'll keep ya posted.

EDIT; see this.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Delicious Tail Section with all the Fixins'

Next episode of Lost is about the "Tailies" only. So, I did a better sketch of an earlier one I had. The original sketch had less to do with Lost, and more to do with an at the time tendency to turn non-meat objects into meat.

I'm thinking of turning this into a 'finished' drawing and am looking for any ideas of Lost-related objects to draw as a sort of patterned background. I'm particulary interested in the objects that aren't obvious, like the milk carton Hurley drinks with the missing photo of Walt, etc.
Any Ideas?


Even if you lack the benefit of professional art training at a accredited institution, you too can make insightful judgements and interpretations of art. So please give this piece of toast your views on it's validity and importance.

Party Cake

I enjoy a good party cake, ecspecially those that articulate the reason for said cake.
Mmmmm, cake.

Friday, November 11, 2005

SALAMI asks the question....

I know some Black People

Really I do! I, I -listen to Jazz sometimes, and uh, Atmosphere, and old Wu-tang! Yeah!

RE, Freud; Sometimes, a girl enjoying a popsicle... just a girl enjoying a popsicle.


Or is it A-T-T-I-C?


Chk chk chk should buy my art.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Japan likes Peace!

You can tell from all those tourist photos giving the peace sign.

All the cute japanese girls will cry..

....when I leave, awwwwwwwww.

But my even more attractive wife will not. She'll be coming with.

CARDS WINN!!! YYEEAAHHhh ..oh forget it..

This page was done around the time the Stl Cardinals (or rather, Eckstein, Edmonds, and then PUJOLS!) won game five in this years NLCS in movie-style fashion. Somehow it got me excited about my own life and opprotunities and going out there to win it....and then I was brought back to reality by the end of Game 6. Oh well, I hear McDesign is hiring...

LOST Season 1

At first, I thought I would have to miss the new seasons of LOST and Arrested Development, due to my being overseas....God Bless Torrents and the good seeders of the world! I think I did this page while watching marathon sessions of LOST season 1, in part to catch up and in part to hear some sweet, sweet ENGRISH!

the Tornado say OK


Gary Numan should buy my art.



Shark RAWR!!

Any fans of Castlevania here? Check out the color of that money bag the top guy is carrying.